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SPEED no limits

SPEED no limits in the digital era Sometimes you start an awesome project that you enjoy so much that you could do it for free. That is a case with that one. The project was about creating a cover for a book "SPEED. no limits in a digital era" and a webiste which...

Lili Band Website

web design Website created for a Polish Band. The aim was to create modern and effective website in which the Band could post latest news and have a real conversation with fans.  Date: Sep - Oct 2018System: WordPressTools: Photoshop


AnimationAnimations and mini interactions are super important part of websites, apps and other digital products. Creating them can make users more happy, more satisfied and more informed. Tools: After Effect, Photoshop, Illustrator, graphic tablet

Balance Sport

Case Study Over 20 years ago a group of gymnastics trainers and employees of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow founded the association UKS "Korona" Krakow which today operates under the name Balance Sport. The new brand needed a new website...

Radwan gallery

web design Website created for a painter Lucja Radwan who wanted to present her artwork. Pure and minimalist design has made the artist's work the most powerful element of the website. Date: Apr - Jul 2018System: WordPressTools: Photoshop


Król & Co. Visual identification and website for a law firm LogoCorporate identityWebsite Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPresss

Instant repair

Case Study InstantRepair mobile app This app was designed to revolutionize the way people repairtheir cars by making it 100% digital. I designed the process​ ​of​ ​booking​ ​a​ ​car​ ​visit​.The basic idea behind InstantRepairs​ was that as user you can get an instant...


Case Study Zrzutka mobile app Every person who likes to go out with a group of friends know how diffictult collecting money can be when the moment of payment comes. Zrzutka app is design to help with that. You can collect money for any purpose from all of your friends...

Allerhand Summits

Identification for Allerhand Summits Customer: Allerhand InstituteScope:visual identification for law congressesconferences materialspresentationswebsitesmarketing materialsoutsourcing

Polish Factors Association

Case Study Polish Factors Association - website, members panel and visual identification redesign Polish Factors Association is an organization which units banks and firm offering factoring services in Poland. Because of the new marketing strategy and need to improve...


Photomanipulations and retouch Retouch can make almost every photo looks like proffesional piece. It is not only about making person look skinnier or getting rid of some imperfections on a face. It is lso about extracting light, making colors look awesome and creating...


Illustrations, digital painting Illustrations can be a design elements, part of infographic or individual piece of art. Made by traditional method or with new technologies they can be used in both printed and digital applications. Method: Digital painting and...


Case Study Website for the Gołcza Development Association A small public benefit organizations which operate in a local scale don't have many opportunities to raise money for their own marketing. And yet to become recognizable they need to have a tools such as a...

Allerhand Institute

Identification for Allerhand Training Customer: Allerhand InstituteScope:design and implementation of the training websitegraphic linenewslettersprinted materialsmarketing materials on social media


Case Study ING Mobile app redesign According to studies, in the end of 2017 over 9 mln people in Poland used mobile banking apps. It was about 2 mln more than in 2016. I reviewed and graded the most popular banking apps in Poland against design and usability criteria...


Vectors Using vectors it is possible to make an object scalable. They are used as a part of infographics, simple illustrations, logos, visual identifictions. Tools: Illustrator, Inkscape, graphic tablet, Inkling

Law firms

Law firms websites and identifications Customer: PrawniczyMarketing.plScope:outsourced graphic service icluded: visual identifications for law firms web design marketing materials coordinating the implementation of projects

Private lawyer

Identification for Private Lawyer Customer: PrawniczyMarketing.plScope:visual identificationcorporate materialsinfographicsUX strategyweb design ( materialscoordinating the implementation of advertising materials and boards

Wolf Mask

Visual identification, website for WOLF MASK Customer: WOLF MASKScope:visual identificationpackageproduct mockupse-commerce websitemarketing materials

Statut Kaliski

Identification for Law, money and the Jewish minority in Artur Szyk's graphics project Customer: Allerhand InstituteScope:visual identificationexhibition boardsportrait illustrations - digital drawingwebsite ( materialscoordinating...

Visual identification, marketing materials for Customer: Allerhand InstituteScope:visual identificationlogowebsitepublication of assumptions - ebook version and printed bookmarketing materials