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Case Study

Polish Factors Association

– website, members panel and visual identification redesign

Polish Factors Association is an organization which units banks and firm offering factoring services in Poland.

Because of the new marketing strategy and need to improve current system PFA decided to create a new website (including a site for logged in users only) and refresh visual identification.


Date: Dec 2016 – Sep 2017
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Google spredsheets, pencil and paper

I was responsible for creating a website and managing the process of creating a members panel (crating the product) as well as for visual identification.

The team included a web developer, marketing specialist, two members of PFA and myself.

Why a new solution?

Polish Factor Association is a serious finance organization, the most important factoring organization in Poland. It needs to have a representative website with a great user experience in order to help users understand factoring. Old website didn’t provide valueable information about factoring and wasn’t easy to use.

The other think to be done is a membership panel. The organization collect some data from users to analyze it and help develop this kind of services. It is a closed part of a website but a very important one. Old version wasn’t responsive and the structure was really complicated.

Visual identification


  • refreshing the logo
  • creating English and vertical versions
  • creating logobook
  • creating clear visual line for PFA



  • reorganizing structure of a website
  • creating simple and clear explaination of a factoring including infographic and interactive maps
  • creating an attractive visualisation of a chosen data from a membership panel (charts, diagrams and tables)
  • creating a space to add news, preentations and publications
  • creating a space to add information about trainings, courses organized by partners
  • creating a space to introduce an annual competition organized by PFA
  • creating a new space for International Factoring Congress (information about current and past events, registration system, photo gallery)
  • presenting main information about PFA, members of PFA, executive committee, partners
  • including contact information and contact forms (both for the office and marketing team)
  • being able to expand the website in the future


  • entrepreneurs looking for financial solutions, potential customers of PFA members
  • people interested in data from the market (analysts, students, academics, financiers)
  • people related to factoring
  • people working in PFA,¬†representatives of affiliated companies

Having such a wide audience with a different needs require making an architecture of a website as transparent as posssible.

Old version:

New version:

Membership panel


  • creating an automatic system¬†collecting quarterly data
  • creating different access levels for users
  • reorganizing data presentation and making it simple to use, sort, export, correct
  • creating forum for users
  • creating a calendar with events and news
  • adding members list with contact information
  • being able to expand the system in the future


  • representatives of affiliated companies
  • assistants entering data
  • panel administrators

I was mainly focus on reorganizing data presentation which was the most important part of the panel. With developers team and feedback from real users I was able to create comfortable tool.

Old version:

New version: