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Case Study

InstantRepair mobile app

This app was designed to revolutionize the way people repair
their cars by making it 100% digital. I designed the process​ ​of​ ​booking​ ​a​ ​car​ ​visit​.
The basic idea behind InstantRepairs​ was that as user you can get an instant fixed price, and a mechanic who comes to your place the same day or whenever you want to.


Date: July 2018
System: iOS
Methodology: Agile
Tools: Axure, Photoshop, Google spredsheets, pencil and paper

Area: UK


There is no app in the UK which offer a similar services. However I was able to find some apps and websites that I could test and see what their pain-points and strengths were.


I’ve asked some car owners about their feelings and expectations related to a  car mechanics.

I’ve researched a car market in the UK and I found some data about most common cars in the country (based on Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency data).


1. How to input kind of car (brand, model)?
2. How to describe your issue, what you need exactly and what to choose?
3. How to get an instant quote for your specific car issue?
4. How to match demand and offer – how the closest mechanic can reach your place?

Possible solution to all the problems were described and analysed to find the best solution.


From the user perspective the biggest challenge is if he can or can’t determine what is wrong with a car. There are three types of users:
I. User who has a pretty good knowledge in the field of a car mechanics, maybe can even repair some things by himself;
II. User who has some knowledge in that field and can say more or less what is wrong with the car;
III. User who has a very basic knowledge in that field and has a problem even with determining what is broken.

With that in mind I’ve created personas (a fictional characters to help understand motivation of the users better).

Then I was able to determine what all of those users expect from the app (what are their needs) and could think about meeting these needs through a specific features.

Using the app

Before sketching I wanted to really understand how the user will use the app (what choices there are to be made and tasks to accomplish step by step). For that I’ve used user flow chart which allows to create a logical and understandable process.

Then I was able to determine what all of those users expect from the app (what are their needs) and could think about meeting these needs through a specific features.


After sketching some ideas I was able to determine solutions to be used. There are some rules to create a good design like a conventions that make using the app more intuitive (it is easier to use something you feel familiar with). Also there are rules about designing an app for iOS to keep in mind.

A clicable prototype may be seen here:

Features to consider

There are some additional features to be considered during next phases of the process. Those related to the booking process from the perspective of a customer are shown below:

  • integration with a Google calendar and other systems so user can add booked car visit into it
  • integration with a social media both for sharing the app and information about booking
  • contacting a mechanic before a visit

Future ideas

There are some ideas that could be implemented in a future version of the app. The first project is more about main features (MVP – a minimum viable product). But after launching the first version of the app there should be always a vision for its development.

  • diagnostic system (maybe something like an interactive tool where a user can see a car scheme and mark an area where the problem is or some questions)
  • choosing a garage/ mechanic from all available options
  • system of recommendation for garages – user can add a smile or other symbol if he is happy with a service in that way a garage doesn’t have bad opinions but still there is a way to see which garages are liked by users
  • payment via app